Day 4: Woman Body

Today has been a weird day.  There were awesome things (hearing amazing poetry and sharing a poem at an open mic), painful things (getting rear-ended at a stoplight), boring things (sitting at Urgent Care following the rear-ending for what felt like eternity), stressful things (talking to insurance company), bizarre things (clerk at Walgreens making a... Continue Reading →


Day 3: On Moral Fortitude

At the beginning of most yoga classes, teachers invite students to “set an intention” for your practice. I have gone through a variety of phases when given this prompt, including: (1) Ignore it and do nothing (“Uh huh…”) (2) Force a word down my own throat that I think sounds good (“Focus on STRENGTH! All... Continue Reading →

Day 2: This is all (and also everything)

(1)    Since early this morning, I have had Nahko and Medicine for the People’s song “Warrior People” going through my head.  Specifically, I have had these lines playing over and over:  “…I'm just a human being on another fucking journey. I'm on a journey, on a journey I'm on a journey, on a journey I'm... Continue Reading →

Day 1: A bird and a soul

I was thinking about doing a “blog post every day” challenge to encourage myself to write more, but…well…I’ve been putting it off. Tonight, though, someone saw that I am leading the writing portion of a yoga and writing workshop with a friend. This person said, “oh! So you’re a writer?” And you know what I... Continue Reading →

Halloween (with a side of ableism)

Full disclosure: I have never liked Halloween. When I was in second grade, I went through a "haunted house" at my elementary school and, while I don't remember the specifics, I definitely came out crying. The same year, I went trick-or-treating with my family and was extremely frightened by the "big boys" from the back... Continue Reading →

On Holy Boldness

Nearly a year ago, I went for a walk at the labyrinth at the Sisters of Bon Secours.  After walking, I went into the retreat center and they had a bowl full of stones for meditation with words written on them.  After much deliberation (and checking with the person at the desk), I decided to... Continue Reading →

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